Fr. Joe’s Message


Fr. Joe        Father Joe’s Message for MAY 2017    

MEANING OF LIFE Matthew 5:14ff

Robert Fulghum tells the story of attending a seminar in Greece. At the end of the conference, Fulghum asked the speaker what was the meaning of life. Everyone sort of laughed as they were all ready to leave. The speaker held up his hand, asked for silence and said, just give me a few minutes and I will answer you.

He took out his pocket a small round mirror the size of a quarter. He then explained: “This goes back to the very dark days of World War II. As a child, I found a small piece of a broken mirror from a wrecked German motorcycle. I made it round by scratching it on a stone and at first used it as a toy by reflecting the light of the sun. I could reflect light in dark places where the sun did not shine. Then I realized what I could do with my life. Even if I was not the source of the light, I could reflect the light of truth, understanding , knowledge, and love to the dark places in the world. That, gentlemen, is the meaning of life.”!

I think the good Lord would approve. He tells us that He is the light of the world and then tells us we are the light of the world. We get our light from Him and then we are called to reflect it. That is the meaning of life!

God Bless…..   Fr. Joe